We craft engaging digital customer experiences

Our proven Riveal Process translates your business goals and customer needs into a highly interactive prototype that elevates your ROI.

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Rivet CX uses an exclusive process to build digital experiences for clients — experiences that captivate audiences, enhance brands and strictly align with overall customer experience goals.

Our Riveal Process results in a highly realistic, dynamic, and logic-driven prototype. This serves to test and polish customer interaction before the project is prepped for launch.


We collaborate with stakeholders, going well beyond basic business understanding to discover what defines success for your project. To accomplish this, we look at existing processes and technical possibilities. We conduct heuristic evaluations and complete a competitive analysis. This allows us to clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems; we don’t fix what isn’t broken.


Test early. Test often. That’s the Rivet CX mantra. Having identified opportunities at the highest level, we work with your stakeholders and involve customers to further test, define and refine user experience requirements. Designing a great experience can involve mapping personas, navigation design, information architecture, wireframes, and visual design, to name a few.


Rivet CX believes that no other testing defines success like having a customer interact with a prototype that looks and functions like the end product. We have learned that this part of the process is best for gauging what will and won't work. Therefore, we build highly interactive prototypes with sample data, business logic, and full visual design. The prototype has the added benefit of facilitating executive buy-in and jump-starts the development phase with more streamlined documentation.


We realize that projects live on after the delivery of a new digital user experience. By providing ongoing expertise through documentation, requirements clarification, ongoing prototype development, and user experience acceptance testing, we ensure that the ultimate Customer Experience vision for your company is fully realized.


Simplified communication between teams and stakeholders; accelerating executive buy-in


Validated project requirements based on customer and business needs


Advanced prototypes that increase clarity with development teams


The Rivet CX team represents over 75 years of combined user experience knowledge. We've worked with Fortune 500 companies (national and international) in both B2B and B2C markets, in many different industries.

Our team members have tackled projects of various sizes. Large or small, we know how to organize a project to help ensure our customer’s ultimate success. We’ve learned quite a bit; however, we realize that every day brings a new challenge. We’re up for it!

Our expertise will help you capitalize on opportunities and avoid unforeseen pitfalls. We continue to learn from each engagement and are constantly evolving how we deliver great customer experiences.


When you talk with us, the first thing you'll notice is our depth of knowledge, experience and down-to-earth personalities. We are not your typical agency; we are a practical, no-nonsense group that loves working together. Some of us have known each other for over 15 years. Take a look and get to know us.

Damir Saracevic

President & Founder

Damir brings 20+ years of digital customer experience development to our team. He works with global and Fortune 500 companies to ensure that the voice and needs of the customer align with business goals to deliver results. His practical approach is refreshing and welcomed by our clients. Damir, a native of Bosnia, is a master of American idioms, always telling his team to "read between the eyes" and solving a problem is not "rocket surgery."

Bradley Foust

Director of Operations

Brad brings 16+ years of leadership to our team, spanning creative direction to development execution. Brad's understanding of how everyone works allows him to lead the team, communicating easily with all executional resources and client stakeholders. If running project teams isn't enough, Brad can be found traveling around the USA, competing as a professional BBQ pitmaster.

Rui Da Costa

Director of Interaction Design

Rui is an innovative UX professional who has designed and developed experiences on the web for over 10 years. His proven skills in rapid prototyping, user testing and front-end development help him bridge the gap between client needs and technical limitations. Rui's knowledge of UX is surpassed only by a desire for cutting-edge technology and designing user interfaces. When he isn't deep in code, you'll find him running around playing ultimate frisbee.

Nancy McCrave

Director of User Experience

Nancy has researched, evaluated, and designed user interfaces across a variety of platforms for over 15 years. She focuses on turning customer problems into opportunities and solutions in partnership with usability researchers, product managers, stakeholders, design and development teams, and third-party vendors. Outside of work, Nancy is a huge music fan, loves history including past work as an archivist, and is generally a big kid at heart.

Dave Zimmet

Senior CX Designer

Dave brings 16+ years of customer experience design to our team. Using customer research, Dave works to create exceptional experiences with the rest of our team. His tool belt ranges from Axure and OmniGraffle to PhotoShop and Illustrator. Dave is no stranger to Excel either, often having to organize and map complex data. Dave has worked on a variety of projects for global and local brands, including Disney, Mercedes Benz, Xerox, and Excellus BCBS.

Steve Gissin

Partner, User Testing

Steve is the founder and managing director of OneSpark, our user testing partner. We couldn’t deliver on our mantra “test early, test often” without the close working relationship we have with him and his team. It's hard to match his 15+ years of experience conducting thousands of usability and eye-tracking interviews. He has worked with a variety of clients in many industries across the globe from the U.S. to China and everything in between.

Matt Foley

Partner, Customer Research

Matt brings over a decade of customer research experience to our team. He is our partner for all things customer research, from helping us choose the right methodology for each project, to actively working with our team to understand customer needs and help develop the overall strategy. Matt is a serial entrepreneur, having cofounded multiple companies. His latest venture is FocusGroupIt, an online focus group platform.


Head of Security

Sampson is relatively new to the security field but is already proving to be one of the best in the business. Not only does he keep a vigilant eye on our security, he also takes a personal interest in keeping our moods and spirit high. When not on the job, Sampson is training to be a certified Therapy Dog. He will one day be ready to help people with special needs at local hospitals.